We’re committed to saving lives and communities by partnering with organizations in countries across the globe, and expeditiously providing the resources and experts needed to help victims in the immediate wake of catastrophes.

Foundation Summary

Our founders, working with a core team of volunteers, have had over 30 years of collective experience within the fields of global humanitarian work, trauma counselling and disaster relief. We’ve spearheaded the development and execution of on-the-ground response initiatives to help communities navigate extreme calamities, including: working in war-torn countries such as Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Sudan and the DRC, disaster relief after the 2002 volcano eruption in Goma, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and the 2011 tsunami in Japan, 2015 earthquake in Nepal and most recently the 2017 Hurricane Irma in St Maarten.

Operations Summary

Rapid Response functions by delivering relief to communities in need within 48-72 hours of a disaster – providing everything from medical supplies to trauma counseling. We emphasize the importance of setting up infrastructure, delivering supplies, and mobilizing professionals and trained volunteers in immediate response to emergencies.

The moment a disaster occurs we respond by contacting on-the-ground partners and assessing the scope of damages, then immediately expediting the transportation and delivery of personnel and supplies to address urgent needs.