Our Work

Disaster Management

We believe in humanity. We seek to promote disaster mitigation and preparedness initiatives, humanitarian aid action and recovery programs in specific communities, with the goal of building localized, sustainable disaster management structures and emergency services through effective partnerships. Within the Foundation, we respond to the effects of disasters, be they man-made or natural, within four essential sectors, Planet, People, Animals/Plants and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.)

We capitalize technological innovation for humanitarian action in disaster management and address social, economic and environmental causes enabling localized aid.

Striving to have an impact in Disaster Management

Since its founding in 2018, Rapid Response Team Foundation has partnered with local and international institutional mechanisms, such as National Disaster Management Agencies (NDMA) in the Caribbean and Europe and the UN World Food Programme.

The team provided localized aid and thus alleviated suffering in numerous emergency responses, including the response to devastating Hurricanes Irma and Dorian in the Bahamas. In the highly storm-affected area of Abaco, Grand Bahama, the Foundation further furnished humanitarian relief: civilians received financial support and material resources directly and swiftly in the immediate crisis aftermath.

Capacity strengthening, technical expertise and highly trained professionals were made available for organizational development training to local partners in Sint Maarten, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao and Dominica to reinforce the short-term disaster preparedness operations. The Foundation also assisted with the development of national disaster management committees in the Caribbean through joint training initiatives with United Nations agencies in coordinated assessment, information management and supply chain. As part of the capacity-building strategy, the Foundation developed volunteer capabilities mainly in Sint Maarten to enhance the nonprofit in a sustainable way. Building such institutional capacities and supporting the response of affected nations to respond or recover from crises remain Rapid Response Team Foundation’s priority.

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