COVID-19 Response, Sint Maarten 2020

With the closure of its borders, and the international decline in travel, the economic activity in Sint Maarten has drastically declined and has unfavorably affected the main economic pillar, tourism. As a tourism-based economy, so many have lost their jobs and livelihoods, and have found themselves in need of basic needs like food, healthcare and education.

For the last several months Response Team Foundation has helped provide administrative support on a volunteer basis to the K1 Britannia Foundation with headquarters in Sint Maarten.  K1 Britannia Foundation has played a central role in the country’s food distribution, assisting tens of thousands of people throughout this COVID-19 crisis. As the current economic situation on the island is still struggling, Response Team Foundation will continue to provide administrative support to K1 Britannia Foundation’s distribution efforts over these next few months that it is so desperately needed.

Read letter of recommendation from the Netherlands Red Cross.

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