About Us

The founder and president, Ms. Anna Elisabeth Voorn, has extensive experience in shaping public concerns through leadership contributions in the field of philanthropy. Throughout the year, periodic discussions with all the members of the Supervisory Board allow for the building and strengthening of the relevant projects.

Leadership Team

The Board of Directors consists of four experts, passionate to advance sustainable development through innovative solutions. The Board’s key responsibilities are in strategy and policy, and all its members have expertise relevant to the work of the Foundation.

External consultants ensure that key skills and knowledge are reflected at the executive level, and occasionally perform operational functions thus fine-tuning within the scope of the foundation.

Volunteerism became increasingly important during the foundation’s initial emergency response programs. Our volunteer’s background qualification stem from a range of industry sectors, specifically the supply chain and health sectors, and they extend their expertise in innovative solutions.

Our Partners

The Rapid Response Team Foundation convenes and collaborates with global and local partners such as national disaster management agencies. The diverse partnerships offer a broad range of expertise and experience that achieve innovative and effective methodologies for the foundation to pursue a policy localised and direct implementation’ in preparedness, response and recovery activities. The Foundation thus catalyses sustainable crisis management.