Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas 2019

Response Team Foundation strengthened Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts

Hurricane Dorian, one of the most devastating hurricanes in modern records, hit the northwestern Bahamas on September 1, 2019, resulting in numerous deaths, and causing devastation on the islands of Great Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The Response Team Foundation was one of the first relief aid organizations on ground, providing immediate assistance with disaster relief operations. From removing debris from damaged homes and infrastructure, to assisting with warehousing logistics, providing trauma counseling and training relief personnel, Response Team Foundation worked tirelessly.

A Journey to rise above the Challenges

The initial assessments through the United Nations indicated that in the worst-affected parts of the Bahamas some 76,000 people needed urgent support. In collaboration with regional response organizations, Response Team volunteers leapt into action to help prepare warehouse facilities and started to offload incoming international help and distribute supplies. Disaster Relief Emergency food assistance was provided to 3000 mostly vulnerable people living on hurricane-stricken Grand Bahama.  Survivors and evacuees from Abaco received psychosocial services and assistance in dealing with Dorian’s consequences.

Grand Bahama, 2019 “Thanks to Response Team Foundation I survived Hurricane Dorian on September 1st.”  These are words from Anthony, whose cousin and three children were lost in the storm.  “They got washed away.  Well, my body’s strong,” he added. “But my head and my heart hurt” shaking his head in disbelief.

With thousands displaced, the Response Team Foundation, in partnership with K1 DIRECT and the National Emergency Management agency (NEMA) and in cooperation with the National Housing Association, helped administer the relocation process for 900 people, emphasizing the rebuilding of lives through a participatory approach with the concerned individuals.

Alongside our work there are many ways one can play an important role in financing recovery and reducing burdens. Donate today, and help the Response Team Foundation deliver lifesaving humanitarian relief and strengthen the capacities of the public sector.