Earthquake Tiburon Peninsula, Haiti 2021

Emergency Relief after strong Earthquake rocked Haiti

August 14, 2021, the consequences of the major 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti were staggering: more than 2,200 dead, thousands injured and several hundred thousand homeless.  The earthquake left chaos in its wake and caused severe property damage.  For the approximately 800,000 people affected by the disaster, inhabitants have been forced to seek shelter and survival was at stake. 

To address the emergency, the Response Team Foundation provided funding and sent an emergency response team to Haiti.  In the weeks immediately following the earthquake, nine team members worked in Port au Prince, and the affected areas located near the epicenter.  We were straightway on the ground for preliminary assessments, which we shared with the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC). Our collaboration with the UN World Food Program (WFP), US Military, the World Hope International and the Global Support and Development strengthened the management of the airport logistics, both in the capital and the field, to transport and deliver supplies, food, tents, communications equipment, medicine, doctors and relief personnel. 

The team assisted supply distribution in southern towns, alongside the Samaritans Purse and local Non-Governmental Organizations to assist families, elderly and youth with food, medical and shelter supplies.  In Maniche, the Response Team Foundation spoke with families who have been devastated by the earthquake.  We have been able to assist with medevacs from the affected areas.  One particular rescue through medevac was for fifteen family members, earthquake survivors with unattended needs for four days.  They had been trapped in a remote area, where roads were entirely blocked. “I think those were the longest days of my life. I am still in shock but my family has life!”, said James after their rescue.

As national response gradually transitioned and coordinated efforts continue, the emergency Response Team Foundation handed over its activities to their counterparts.  We maintain contact and offer ongoing support to those who continue to be active on ground.